PVC package board machine, PVC package box board production line

PVC package board/plate production line is a kind of PVC foam board machine that composed of conical twin screw extruder, mould, calibration table, hauling machine, auto cutter-stacker and other auxiliary equipment.

The PVC WPCfoam board is an ideal material that replace of wood material to made package box. This kind of PVC package board has its characteristics of easily sawed, bonded, nailed, joint and hot moulding.


1) Light weight, easy and convenient for storage, transportation and using
2) Good mechanical performance
3) Easily cleaning
4) Uniform fine & close cell structure
5) Hygienic
6) Rigidity
7) Durable
8) Perfect chemical resistance, good resistance to light, UV & weathering
9) Fire retardant and self extinguishing
10) Moisture-resistant, mildew proof, rot proof, low water absorption
11) Non-deformation, color fastness for a very long time through particular formula
12) Sound insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation and heat preservation
13) Smooth surface and suitable for silk-screen printing, laser engraving

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