PVC advertising board production line, PVC foam panel machine

PVC advertising board is actually a kind of PVC foam board. PVC foam board has following characteristics:
The proportion of light, good toughness, high strength, thermal insulation, waterproof, moisture proof, mildew corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistant, sound insulation, sound-absorbing insulation flame retardant, shock absorption, degradation-resistance and other outstanding function; And it can be on the surface printing, membrana tectoria, printing, spraying, still can like wood saw, drill, hammer, plane, welding, viscosity and heat molding good processing properties, are widely used in advertising sculpture, advertising photo, light box advertising, guidepost exhibition board, building decoration, outer wall flip chart, the room partition, hutch ark bath ark, plane, car decoration, chemical corrosion resistance, cold storage heat preservation and so on, it is a typical green environmental protection material.

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