Wood Plastic Export From China - Wood Plastic Paper, Wood Plastic Vinegar, Wood Plastic Extracted, W

Wood Plastic Export From China In 2009

In 2009, China exports so many wood plastic products with great amount worldwidely. Wood Plastic is small, but China makes a big market and output value from it, thousands of factories get benefit and profit from wood plastic.

Exporting over 1.5 billion of us dollar of wood plastic products

Exporting wood plastic products to 177 countries

Annual output of wood plastic - 70 billion of Chinese Yuan

In China, we export many kinds of wood plastic products, both traditional and new creative wood plastic products, including wood plastic household, wood plastic crafts, wood plastic arts, wood plastic flooring, wood plastic board, wood plastic paper, wood plastic fiber products, wood plastic charcoal, wood plastic vinegar, wood plastic shoot products, wood plastic extracted product, total is 10 species and thousands of individual products.

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