Useful Information and Knowledge To Purchase EcoNice Composite Flooring

Knowledge To Purchase EcoNice composite Flooring

composite flooring is a new building decoration materials, it is natural quality composite as raw material, through two dozen procedures, stripped composite raw juice, high temperature and pressure to fight the pressure, then through layers of paint, and finally made infrared drying . Now more and more consumers choose composite flooring, composite flooring that what are the advantages? composite flooring how should buy it?

Advantages of composite flooring

composite texture, appearance, color and elegant, soft and fragrant, the focus can absorb ultraviolet light, while beneficial to human vision.

composite flooring strength, good toughness, high density, durable, smooth texture, color and soft, elegant, environmentally friendly green products.

Anti-static, moth, flame retardant, mildew, no side effects and easy to install, is recognized as the green decoration materials.

Cool composite flooring, composite flooring can automatically adjust and maintain the temperature, can not have its own cool heat, low thermal conductivity, reducing rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, rheumatism occurrence helpful.

composite flooring stability. Take a different moisture content for the climate control, solid wood flooring cracking deformation rate is relatively much smaller. composite fiber is used in hollow brick-like arrangement, tensile and compressive strength have been greatly enhanced.

Less color. composite flooring can be divided into natural and artificial color on the paint color. Natural colored composite flooring, wood flooring color than the small, rich and composite pattern is clear. Artificially colored composite flooring, composite texture itself is not obvious, generally used in varnish, matt paint and other paint.

EcoNice Brand composite flooring Purchase Knowledge

Choose color of composite flooring

Selection of quality composite flooring encourage you to buy those colors yellow composite flooring. Because composite carbonization process to go through in order to avoid infestation, long spot, but without carbonation, direct bleaching yellowish composite flooring will be presented, such as composite flooring, also contains protein, sugar and other insects prone to micro-organisms, If you buy this type of composite flooring, a year will be moth-eaten light.

Low formaldehyde emission of composite flooring

With wooden floor, like, buy composite flooring formaldehyde emission to see the most important indicators of eligibility. National standards for formaldehyde emission E1 class products limit is less than 1.5mg / L, when you buy composite flooring formaldehyde emission must understand, to see whether they are qualified environmentally friendly products.

Suitable size of composite flooring

Currently, the market size of composite flooring specifications are rather long. There are conventional composite flooring Dimensions 15x96x960mm, 15x90x909mm, 15x96x1850mm / 1920mm, 15x190 x1900mm these types of specifications. You can not buy when the blind pursuit of large size, large size composite flooring, in most cases, the smaller the size of composite flooring deformation resistance, the better.

Moisture content of the composite flooring

Must pay attention to its water content to buy composite products on the market, the general use of water in the South was 12 percent of composite products. Popular composite flooring moisture content is generally 10%, some vendors in order to define shades flooring composite flooring moisture condition, which is not correct. In fact, light composite flooring is retained composite color, and similar brown composite flooring is by not processing temperature carbonization made on the basis not affect the strength of the.

Thickness of composite flooring

composite itself is a high hardness in thickness, 15mm thick has sufficient bending, compressive strength and impact resistance, foot feeling good, too. Some manufacturers in the market to meet consumer thicker the better state of mind, not green, not yellow, after gluing the composite, although composite flooring thickness of up to 17mm, 18mm, but the bonding strength is not good, easily lead to cracking, this approach is unscientific, you should pay attention to when buying.

Durability of composite flooring

When deciding to purchase composite flooring, you can’t ignore to see its durability, in general, composite flooring will reach 550 rpm for qualified products. Decided to wear number of revolutions of the level of the main factors is the amount of wear-resistant primer coating. Here only the number of revolutions of worn paint, solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring throughout is marked worn revolutions, and composite flooring density is much higher than most wood flooring. Most composite flooring durability though and in turn reach thousands of laminate flooring, but still better than solid wood flooring.

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