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Wide Plank Composite Wood Flooring

Composite Wood parquet is the improved version of solid bamboo parquet. It is 3 layers but crosswise structure, which means top layer and bottom layer are in one direction, but middle layer is in another direction, to get the intersection structure. This crosswise structure is more stable than regular bamboo parquet structure.

Composite Wood parquet is also wide plank of bamboo parquet which offers a unique look for bamboo parquet, enabling an attractive option for flooring in homes and offices.

Composite Wood Parquet Dimensions:

Composite Wood Parquet Color: Natural, Carbonized

Composite Wood Parquet Grain: Horizontal, Vertical

Hardness: 1100 - 1300 per Janka scale

Glue: Dynea, European 1 standard

Finish: Satin Aluminum Oxide enhanced UV-cured urethane with anti-scratch top coat

Installation: Nail or Glue-down ( floating is NOT recommended )

All bamboo flooring is characterized by:

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